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Call 1-855-637-4055 for a Professional Psychic Reading Today!

Welcome, my name is Ingrid Khadijah. I’ve been a natural born psychic reader and empath since the day I was born; Just like you! The difference being I honed and practiced my skills. I searched out secret mystery schools, and although it took many years, when I was a teenager I happened to attracted many different opportunities to speak and learn from people from the Freemasons to the Rosicrucian… Although I was taught under the radar, I happened to learn many things about this space we call reality!

Everything we see and think are connected to every fiber of existence that Is, has been, and ever will be. Our lives spiral out into infinite possibilities with every beat of our heart! With that, you must understand that your precious life, is exactly that. YOURS! Everything in your reality has been created by programs and information you received as a child and even before throughout the generations of your family! This is the reason I decided to become a public psychic and teach sacred knowledge to those seeking, as well offer affordable psychic and clairvoyant readings to those wishing to step into their true selves and be unafraid and look into their own souls for answers instead of relying on outside circumstances to define who they are!

I want to offer something different, something that can change your life as you know it forever! I want you to go ahead and take a leap forward, discover what is in your future. Why can this be the most intense eye opening spiritual experience you’ll ever experience? First your possibilities will be ripped wide open and paths that were once dark and uncertain suddenly become certain and even exciting! Your mind will then be searching for the clues of your path, and when you take those moments to watch and listen, your life becomes still and soon you’ll notice that this fragile space in which we live can be manipulated by our thoughts! Once you see this for yourself, you’ll become more powerful than all the kings in the world!

In that space you’ll see that everything that has come and ever will be is just a dictation of your own thoughts in your reality! Although things in our life may not be the way we want them, we can do something about it; we can decide to re-act to them in a different more positive way, opening more doors to positive change and illumination! What is above will also be below, and with the knowledge that everything is in balance, you’ll notice that bad things are not what they seem nor are the good! You’ll become a druid, cleaning your world to how you want to see it! Now, you may ask how is it that a psychic reading can open such a door?

The thing is, it cannot. Nor can anything or anyone. It comes down to you seeking and desiring this path subconsciously! You came here to partake in the ritual of your life, and by pulling the trigger and learning from the sacred knowledge I have here, and by calling 1-855-637-4055 for a clairvoyant reading, you can define your goals and unveil your darkest paths to a glorious light and step through with a positive intention too seek your true self and your life’s destiny path!

My name is Ingrid Khadijah, and I’m here to assist your transformation into fullness and into a silent depth of calm and relaxation, helping you understand and become one with nature/god/universe and have a higher understanding that something is watching out for us, and we can finally remove the shields from our hearts and love completely without hesitation!

Call today and receive a special discount of either 1$ a minute or 66¢/min for 15 minutes! A lot can be said in a short amount of time, and I and my psychics will respect your time! If you find that we did not fully give you the best psychic reading, simply let us know and we will continue to search for that psychic that is best for you! Since I am on appointment only, these discounts do not apply to me.. I apologize! But if you want a reading with me you’ll need to either comment below or e-mail me! I’ll find an open time for you!

Current waiting time Approx. 39-45 days

Thank you for visiting and please bookmark and share this website and visit often to further your understanding of the universe and reality in which we share! I’ll be available for questions on any premium psychic article category page which has been created. You can view them on the right hand side under the category’s section!

Blessings to you and yours,
Ingrid Khadijah

Call 1-855-637-4055 for a special discounted psychic reading available only on Psychic Source!

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  • Mark says:

    Awesome Page, i’m from EA! Here’s your first comment! I also just started a blog, check it out sometime. :]

  • promote4you says:

    Great Blog Ingrid! TOP!

  • Alfalfa bean says:

    That’s an intresting surnme you’ve got, what’s the story behind it :)

    • My surname?

      Well Khadijah is Arabic based name. Although my partners are not technically really from any Arabic countries, our great grand parents we’re and they moved over here, in the early 1900′s I believe?

      It’s funny to point out though most of my family has been very spiritual in terms of being intuitive and “psychic” if you will.

      The meaning of Khadijah is kind of a weird last name to me being that it usually refers to Mohammad’s first wife. Beyond that I’m not quiet sure how it came about. I never really looked too deep into my family tree to see where it emerged!

      Funny to think though that my family has been female dominate though! Maybe it has something to do with the last name or not, either way, just interesting :)!

      But there is a few name sites that really put at least myself into the light of a Khadijah!

      “People with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.”

      I’ve gotten a lot better though at being out in the open about what I see and feel about people and events! Although when I was in High School, this was totally me!

      Take care :)
      Ingrid Khadijah

      Thanks for the interesting question!

  • stephsgalaxy says:

    Lovely! Very interesting :)

  • Quinn says:

    Harley Quinn I like your page email me

  • Kali Burgos says:

    Hi. I would like to know if the man I’ve had feelings for over 26 years has the same feelings for me.

    • I received the Grace card. Which represents adornment. I also received the Opposition card which means personal differences. I think from what I see here is a great respect but perhaps not in the way you would like to see it. I recommend reading this post for an in depth view about what psychic readings are really for, it will help you decide what you really want and help you achieve it as well. – And of course for more in depth review about those cards please contact one of our psychics. It’s rather affordable 66¢/min as long as you are a new member for 15 minutes. More then enough time to really get to the core of this challenge.

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